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Home schooling

New or Returning to Homeschooling?
We offer Consulting Services

In the spirit of inspiring and equipping as many families as possible to embrace educating their children at home, we offer consultations to new or veteran homeschoolers. For current Summit families, we can help you develop as a teacher of your children and structure your days at home to get the most out of our academic program. We can also guide you in selecting curricula outside of our program (like math) to round out your family’s education.


While we would love to welcome every interested family into our Academic Summit Homeschool Community, the constraints of space and time, limit the number of students we can accommodate in our academic programs. Whether you are considering withdrawing your children from public or private school, or have already made the leap and would like some guidance or encouragement, we can help! Our team of experienced homeschooling parents can help you with teaching strategies, selecting curricula for particular subjects, or a complete academic plan. Do you have multiple children? We can help you condense and coordinate various academic levels. Do you have a student with special educational needs? We can recommend curricula and scaffolding to help your student grow to his full potential. 


A fee of $50 provides a one hour consultation, which will begin with a phone, Zoom, or in person meeting. Additional phone time or time spent by your consultant assembling a schedule or curricular plan for you is billed at $25 per half hour.


Schedule an appointment with Guenevere today!

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