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Joshua 1:9 always appreciates the generosity and involvement of people like you, with every contribution going towards making Joshua 1:9, A Nonprofit Organization, an even better nonprofit organization than it already is. We want to provide you with the correct and appropriate information pertaining to your mode of support, so don’t hesitate to contact us with your questions. If you would like to donate & support Joshua 1:9 financially, contact us below

Programs that we are currently fundraising for:

Biking Program (need helmets, covered trailer, 7 bike hitch and stand, extra tubes and tools.

Outdoor Program: Need small life jackets, small skiff with motor)

Robotics Program: (funds for competitions and kits)

Woodworking Classes: $1000 for wood, screws and supplies. See list below:

Need this amount times 3 separate classes


12 - 6ftx6in cedar fence boards

2 - 2in x 12in x 8ft Fir

4 - 1in x 4in x 8ft pine/whitewood 4 - 1in x 6in x 8ft pine/whitewood 2 - 1in x 12in x 8ft pine/whitewood 2 - 2in x 2in x 8ft Fir

15 - 2in x 4in x 8ft Fir studs

4 - 1in x 3in x 8ft pine/whitewood

2 - 3/4in x 2ft x 4ft sanded Birch plywood 5 - 1.25in x 4ft dowel

1 - 1.5in x 4ft dowel

1 - 1/4in x 2ft x 4ft Birch plywood

Nails and Screws

4 boxes 480ct(1lb.) #14 1.25in steel nails

2 boxes 2.5in KREG screws (blue 50pk.) 5 boxes 1.25in KREG screws ( #8 100pk.) 1 box 2in KREG screws (50pk.)

1 box 1.5in KREG screws (100pk.)

1 box .5in black screws (#6 1000pk.)


50ct. 2in swivel caster wheels

26ct. 3in-4in door pulls

100ct. Corner brackets 1in x 1in black

15ct 1.5in utility hinges black (2pk.)

30ct. 1in steel rings

30ct. eye hooks (silver or black)

30ct. cup hooks (silver or black to match eye hooks)


1 sheet 2ft x 4ft Acrylic

50ft string

7 bottles of TiteBond 3 wood glue

20ct Sandpaper sponges 150/220 grit

Forstner bit 1.25in

Paint, paint brushes, glue brushes, cups for glue/paint Black vinyl

15 small locks and screws

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