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Compass Homschool Community

Welcome to Compass

We are a tutoring service for Christ-centered homeschool families who gather weekly to educate, socialize, and equip the next generation of leaders to fulfill the Great Commission
We offer a wide variety of K-12 classes with enthusiastic tutors teaching from a biblical worldview

Compass is a partial drop-off homeschool community offering over 45 elective & academic classes throughout the school year.

Students attend 1-3 classes during each 5 week long session, and parents commit to volunteering in-class 2-3 times per session.

New Classes include Biking, Robotics, Woodworking, Attributes of God and more!

Beyond our classes, our families love to have fun together. We enjoy field trips, park days, hikes, theater shows, orchestra sing-alongs, family festivals, moms' nights out, moms' retreats, and more all-year long!
Compass Informaton

How It Works


  • Families commit to enrolling in a minimum of 3 of the 5 sessions offered.

  • Families are encouraged to enroll in more than one class per session, but it is not required. This helps kids get to know each other better.

  • Parents and students agree to abide by our Statement of Faith, sign our student behavior contract, and read our community policies prior to registration.

  • Families are encouraged to host get togethers outside of community to encourage community all-year-long. We have an active community calendar where families may add meetups and events. We use BAND, a community platform, to communicate.

  • Tuition is non-refundable, non-transferable and will not be prorated for late enrollment.

  • Students enjoy a one-room-schoolhouse type classroom environment to maintain our enrollment numbers.

  • We are a tutoring service, not a school. Parents are the teachers of their children as required by Washington State law.


  • Annual New Family Registration Fee: $300

  • Annual Summit Family Registration: $180

  • Class Fee (per 5-week class): $40-50 per student

  • Theater, High School Vex Robotics $150/$200 semester

Parent involvement

As a partial drop-off program, we rely on parents to support teachers in-class to keep tuition affordable.

We require 2 volunteers per class to assist with set up, take down, clean up and escorting students to the next class as well as safety. This is a great time for parents to get to know each other too!

Based on our anticipated enrollment parents are required to volunteer 2-3 days per session.


The more parents in our community, the fewer days you need to be in-class, so help us spread the word!

Dates & Times

Classes meet weekly on Tuesday or Wednesday for 5-week sessions.

Our 2023-2024 program runs September 13- May 23.

Session 1: September 19/20 - October 17/18

Session 2: Oct. 31/Nov. 1 - December 5/6

Session 3: December 12/`13 - January 30/31

Session 4: February 6/7 - March 12/13 

Session 5: March 19/ 20 - April 23/24



Steps to Enroll


Review Our Statement of Faith​

Fill out our Contact Us form & select "Compass Homeschool Community"

We will email you our Statement of Faith and Community Policies, so you can get started!


Submit Your Questionnaire


If you & your family agree to abide by our Statement of Faith and Policies, complete our Compass Questionnaire, so we can get to know you!

We do our best to review your questionnaire and follow up with a phone call or email within 2-3 business days.


Register for
Classes ASAP

1. After sending in your questionnaire form (from step 2).  Sign up to help on this Sign up Genius Link:

Signup Genius!/showSignUp/5080e4eafa828abf85-compass

2. And pay for the registration fee

3. After registration fee is received request to join our communication platform called  Band.  This is where we post the links to enroll in classes.

Compass 2023-2024' group on BAND - The app for groups and communities!

Please enroll one child  in at least 3 of the 5 sessions at the time of enrollment. 


Get Connected

Join our "Compass Christian Community" group on Band!

We use the app, Band, to communicate throughout the year and plan events to connect over the summer.


Join us for upcoming park days, field trips, and more all-summer long. 

We are excited to get to know you & your family!

Parent - Don't forget to sign up & mark your calendar for 2-3  in class volunteer days on Band, this is in addition to the community jobs posted on the SignUpGenius link.

Compass FAQ
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  • What is Extreme Archery?
    Extreme Archery is an action-packed, adrenaline-filled sport enjoyed by millions of people in 65 countries. Teams of generally five players on opposite sides of the field, separated by a 20-foot neutral zone, attempt to hit opposing players with non-lethal arrows. There two common types of gameplay: League Style (points) and Classic (elimination). Check out the rules here.
  • How close will someone be when they shoot at me?
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  • Do I need to wear safety gear?
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  • Who can play?
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  • Is it safe?
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  • An Archery Tag® arrow hit is not like a paintball hit?
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  • I am 12 years old, can I play?"
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  • What if I never shot a bow and arrow before?
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  • How does a team win?
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  • How long are games?
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  • What is the standard field size?
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  • What equipment is used during gameplay?
    Archery Tag® bow, arrows, facemask, bunkers, and 5-spot knockout target.
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