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Amy Johnson

Founder & Director of Joshua 1:9


Amy has three degrees, one being her main passion: Recreation. She brings over 20 years of recreational leadership experience to this organization as a former youth group & camp ministry director, Meetup group coordinator, and Classical Conversations director. She even owned & operated an adventure trips & tours company!

Amy leads an adventurous family with her husband, Steve, and they love to serve the Lord. Amy enjoys living in the Pacific Northwest where great adventures are always nearby. She can't wait to go hiking in the summer, skiing in the winter and is always ready for a bike ride. Ask her about the 4-person tandem bike she rides with her kids and join Joshua 1:9 on an adventure!

Vision and Goals for Joshua 1:9

  • Provide a healthy, thriving K-12th grade academic and elective style, one day per week, 28-week Summit Homeschool Community.

  • Provide enrichment-style elective classes throughout the year. 

  • Provide Archery Tag, Floorball, Art and Lego Private Events for local community groups.

  • Provide Homeschool Consulting Services.

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